Many significant historical and cultural landmarks can be found in our neighborhood. For decades the North End housed many Jewish immigrants coming to America to work in the automotive factories. One example of their influence on the neighborhood still standing is the Oakland Heath Club (currently referred to as the Schvitz Health Club) on Oakland Avenue. As more African Americans from the south moved into the neighborhood in the 40s and 50s, the North End saw another cultural shift. The sounds of Blues and Jazz became prominent along Hastings Street; rivaling the music scenes of New Orleans, Harlem and South Chicago. Though many of the jazz and blues clubs have since shut down, the buildings can still be seen all up and down Oakland Ave. Examples include the Apex Bar where the then unknown John Lee Hooker played and the Phelps Lounge, frequented by famous music acts such as Parliament, the Temptations and Bettye Lovette at the beginning of their careers.

Further community highlights include a number of beautiful art installations and murals along Oakland Ave., Dolores Bennett Park, the Michigan Humane Society Headquarters on 7887 Chrysler Service Dr., the Oakland Avenue Urban Farm on 9227 Goodwin St., the Tangent Art Gallery on 715 East Milwaukee Avenue, and the Jam Handy on 2900 E Grand Blvd.


Are you looking for a 10,000 square foot mansion? How about a Victorian home with turrets and gables? Perhaps a spacious turn of the century apartment is better suited to you? The North End has them all! Our community has some of the most diverse housing options in Detroit!