Community Initiatives

Grand + Woodward Building Sustainable Communities

VCD is the Convening Agency for the Detroit LISC Building Sustainable Communities Grand+Woodward area. We led a community planning process to develop a Quality of Life Plan (QoA), which identifies the community’s highest priorities. Vanguard continues in our role as Convening Agency by organizing community stakeholders and organizations to execute the QoA Plan.

VCD continually works to organize our community. Our core values include economic equity and racial justice. We believe that this is accomplished only through making certain that diverse voices are at the table when decisions are made and opportunities arise.

Books on the Block

On September 10th 2016 we kicked off our "Books on the Block" project. We have created 10 Little Free Libraries we have installed around the neighborhood. They will help promote literacy and reading within the North End. Little Free Libraries make books available free of charge within neighborhoods by asking readers to leave a book whenever they take a book. Books on the Block is a part of a larger initiative being conducted by Detroit Little Libraries. Detroit Little Libraries is taking part in the national Little Free Library movement with a goal of planting 313 libraries in Detroit metropolitan areas with low access to books.

More information about Detroit Little Libraries can be found here:

Community Cabinet

The Vanguard Community Cabinet is an VCDC internal group. The mission of the cabinet is to serve as our community advisers, whom we consult with for a first review of our programs and initiatives. A major role of the cabinet is to inform VCDC about important community needs and desires to ensure North End neighbors and stakeholders are included in Vanguard's work.

Community Coversations

Vanguard asks our Community Cabinet members to host small focus group meetings at their home. The purpose of these meetings is for Vanguard to talk with North End residents in a direct, personal environment. Our CEO, or other senior staff, sit with our neighbors to discuss our proposed projects, take advice/input; and learn about community concerns, which to us, includes building substantial relationships. Regular community conversations with our neighbors helps to develop and reinforce such relationships.

North End Community Wide Meetings

Vanguard Community Forums are public meetings in which we present detailed information about our work; including real estate development projects. We welcome our neighbors to come and talk with us at our forums.