Vanguard Community Development (VCD) is a stalwart champion of the North End. Vanguard was founded in 1994 by Bishop Edgar Vann and Second Ebenezer Church. Since our founding by the Bishop and the church, Vanguard has evolved into a broad-based community development entity. We have advocated and worked for the North End over all these years. Vanguard remains in the North End; our Vanguard Community Center and offices are located at 2795 East Grand Boulevard. 

Housing Development

Vanguard has built 96 units in the North End. Historically we have developed these projects to assist low-income individuals and first time buyers in finding a home. It is our goal to increase the housing stock in the North End for qualified low-middle income buyers. We are in predevelopment of two major housing projects within the North End. These projects will provide additional affordable housing in our community.

Community Planning

Vanguard believes that community development must rest on the ideals, needs, and desires of that community. We believe that all development especially in existing neighborhoods of color must be based on the values of racial justice and economic equity. We strive to live our beliefs through our community planning processes; and by being eager & active neighbors within the North End.

2015-0918 Goodwill Rendering Updated.jpg

Commercial Redevelopment

Vanguard has completed a major commercial redevelopment project located adjacent to the Vanguard Community Center and headquarters, at 2777 East Grand Boulevard. The project, known as the North End Career Center, returns 10,000 square feet of long vacant commercial space to productive use. We secured Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit as our permanent tenant. Goodwill is now operating its’ nationally renowned program, “Flip the Script” from this location.